Our Lodging in Jussarupt (The Vosgean)


Isabelle and Jean-Marie Vonderscher are happy to accommodate you in their lodging, old presbytery of the village, renovated at the end of December 2003.


Jussarupt, small village of 277 inhabitants, with the foot of the Vosgean mountain and an altitude of 477 m, is located at the edge of the natural reserve of the Balloons.


Vologne extends its course as well as the brook of the nails: for impassioned fishing, the trout fario is with go as from March. Cooked miller or with blue it will level you.


In spring, the jonquils spread out their yellow corollas in the surrounding meadows.


The forests of fir trees, spruces, beeches and oaks surround the village and are the pretext with walks on marked out paths.


In summer, you will be able crack on the terrace full south. With its access full foot on the kitchen, you will lunch outside in all peace, rocked by the source’s water’s song. The orchard which surrounds the property, tightens you the arms to gather cherries of June, apples, mirabelle plums in mid-August and the grape in September. But caution, these trees are old and fragile.

In Gérardmer: the lake (largest of the Vosgean) with its many nautical activities awaits you: bathes, walks in the pedal boats or the high-speed motorboats; Fantasticable Acrosphére

- Track of Kart to the collar of the ceiling.


In autumn, if patience is once of your principal qualities, you will be able to seek mushroom and boletus.


In winter, snow will surely await you for slips out of toboggan or construction of a snowman.

For more sporting activities:

Gérardmer, the pearl of the Vosgean, located at 15 km of Jussarupt will propose to you an activities range: Skiing on Mauselaine’s downhill  (20 downhill  all levels); ski touring in Bas-Rupts .


The Vosgeans, it is  also a rich area of its industrial past:

The Textile more specialized in the top-of-the-range household linen than you will be able to buy in the various stores manufactory:

Jalla in Autmontzey (from 1.5km) possible Visit of manufactory.

Walter-Seiltz in Granges (from 3km).

In Gérardmer:


The French Jacquard

Garnier Thiebaut (in Kichompré)

But also, the museum of the textile in Ventron (from 45 km)


Wood and its many sawmills (High Iron to be visited).



You will be able to also discover:

The field of rocks with Barbey-Seroux (from 11km) this 500 m long horizontal moronic casting divides the forest into two.


Champ le Duc (from 4km) and his hurdy-gurdy Romance church dating from the XI 2nd century which in spite of incendiary by the Swedes in 1635 remains a beautiful example of pre-art Romance Rhenish.


Bruyére (with 7km) and its small museum in the old synagogue, open in summer, it presents a pretty exposure to you on a topic renewed each year: iron; wood; earthenware?..


Epinal (from 30km) the administrative prefecture of the Vosgean and its museum of Pellerin’s imagery, founded in 1796, it perpetuates the tradition of famous "Image d’Epinal".


Saint-Dié (from 30 km destroyed in major part in 1944, the Gothic cloister, church ND of Galileo, the Cathedral, the tower of Freedom and the museum Pierre Christmas with his exposures on various topics:

Fauna and Flora

Vosgean traditions

An old grocer and a shoe manufacture were reconstituted.


Don’t forgotten children: In summer, they will spend an excellent day in Fraispertuis (from 25km) with the attraction’s park which has as a subject the Western.


In rainy weather, why not visit the confectionery High of the Vosgean in Plainfaing (from 26km) and to taste candies of the Vosgean.


For a re-arrangement, don’t hesitate to spend one day in Plombiéres the Baths (from 45 km its hot water in the center of re-arrangement of Calodaé you will slacken.



In Granges / Vologne (3km5):     Bakery; Bouchery Grocer; Doctor; Pharmacist; Station service.

In Bruyéres (6km):                    Supermarkets

In residence:                            2 Bakers spend every morning.